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We had an amazing time at 'Rock 'n' Stroll: In Lilford park 2017. Hundreds of people came along throughout the day to watch the brilliant bands, buy from our fabulous stalls and eat the wonderful food.

The day would not have been as big a success as it was without you all attending. We are also indebted to all of our volunteers and bands who worked so hard over the three days to setup, play at and dismantle the event. You are all incredible people

Thank you so much one and all!


Local parks, re-imagined


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Imagine your local park full of people.


All of them enjoying local bands whilst strolling amongst artisan stalls, being thrilled by the fun fair and eating & drinking the best local food from the best local vendors.

That’s what Rock ‘n’ Stroll provide.

You provide the park and we’ll provide the rest.

Want to be part of this amazing experience?

We're looking for the following people to get involved:


Get Involved


Rock 'n' Stroll is run by the non-profit Strike a Chord CIC.

As a result we're always looking for businesses and individuals to donate, lend or give their products or services to help make Rock 'n' Stroll a better experience for everyone.

Our aim is to provide these events free of charge to the public whilst maintaining a fabulous, safe atmosphere.

We are looking for help with everything from fencing & crowd control right through to staging and security.

Those who help will have their logo banners displayed at the events along with on this website and our social media pages.... and our heartfelt thanks!

If you think that you or your business may be able to help support Rock 'n' Stroll in your local park, please get in touch with Bevan or David for more details.

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Check out loads of the pictures from the day here.

Rock 'n' Stroll: In Lilford Park 2018 is coming on

14th July 2018

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